Art of Goal Setting

We all have goals. Whether those goals revolve around our physical appearance, or our personal or professional life—we’re all working towards something. But without taking the proper steps when setting and following through on your goals, you may be selling yourself short. By following the
SMART goal system, you can set yourself up for success and start checking those goals off your to-do list in no time.

Use the SMART Goal System,

-Be Specific: When setting your goals, vagueness won’t get you very far. You’ll want to have a very specific goal in mind. For example setting a goal like, “I want to lose weight” might be a good start, but it won’t really keep you motivated. Instead try something like, “I want to lose 15 pounds.” This gives you a specific goal which you can actually attain.

-Use Measurable Goals: To ensure you know exactly what you want to accomplish, include things like precise amounts or dates. This allows you to track your success and will help to keep you motivated during the process.

Make Them Attainable:: If you continually set goals that you simply cannot accomplish, you will do nothing but discourage yourself. In the end, this will only cause you to stop setting goals in general.

Relevance Is Key: Ensure that the goals you’re setting have direct impact on your life. If the goals you’re setting are too wide-spread, then you won’t make progress in the direction you need to be going.

Timing Is Everything: Using different time frames for your goals can help you stay on track by keeping up with your progress. It will also let you celebrate your successes when you complete a specific goal.

By following these steps, your goals will become a priority in your life and you’ll be better prepared to successfully complete the goals you set.