Kevin Anderson, MBA Founder, Exodus College PlanningWelcome to Exodus College Planning.
My name is Kevin Anderson, founder of Exodus College Planning. We are college funding advisors. You may be unfamiliar with this area, but we help families get their children into schools of choice – without settling – at a cost that won’t bankrupt the family’s goals. I have a special passion for college-bound parents because I have been there. Check out all this website has to offer, from insightful information to free consultation offerings. Explore the range of powerful “insider” strategies we provide to help you overcome the high cost of college. We’ll point the way to THE Path to College Affordability.


Our mission is to enable parents to comfortably send their kids to the best suited college, regardless of the cost, without sacrificing the goals of the parents. We make college more affordable by advising on all phases of the college planning process, from college admissions to the financial aid process to how to best pay the family contribution. Ours is a one-stop-shop service for parents and students who want help successfully navigating the college planning process. Here is a short summary of the benefit of our services:

  • we manage the college admissions and financial aid process on your behalf, including but not limited to identifying all sources of funding available – grants, loans and scholarships – and managing the somewhat daunting bundle of forms, completed accurately and on-time to maximize financial aid awards
  • we help students make the best college choices in terms of both fit and best financial aid availability
  • we teach how to negotiate with a college to get the best financial aid package
  • for those who have a significant family contribution to pay, we teach how to pay for college in the most cost-efficient way, seeking to minimize expensive private student loans

arrowHow can we help your family? As a start, throughout the year, Exodus College Planning hosts numerous Free Workshops in local community centers for parents of college-bound students. These workshops are loaded with money-saving strategies that you cannot afford to miss.

Don’t wait! If your child is college-bound, every financial decision you make could be costing you thousands – if not tens of thousands – of dollars for college. Seats fill up fast so sign up for one of our upcoming Free Workshops today!

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